Why are Dental Plans so successful?

Glaring Truth behind Discount Dental Plans Success

When the concept of discount dental plans first emerged twenty years ago, it was welcomed with skepticism. First and foremost reason for this doubt is the resistance posed by traditional dental insurance plans that have been in place and further institutionalized by industries and the companies that include them in employee health care benefits. It is easy to treat ideal deals that are “too good to be true with reservation. Others even concluded discount dental plans as scams that will soon fizzle out. It being initially promoted via network marketing schemes further made some sectors believe that discount dental plan will not last. The fact that people could buy membership as end-users without taking part in the business of recruiting did a little to dispel suspicion. It was just too good to be true.

Discount dental plans really are very good plans and they weathered all resistance. It turns out theyre just so good, and theyre true. Now, discount dental plans are the preferred scheme of taking care of peoples dental care expenses.

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The benefits offered by a discount dental plan far outweigh those that are presented by your traditional dental insurance policy. People just love the low annual membership fee and the reciprocating discounts they would enjoy from such membership. Most of these plans that are offered provide savings of as much as 60% on most dental procedures ranging from regular routine check-up, cleanings, root canal treatment, x-rays, to your aesthetic needs such as dentures, braces, etc. Furthermore, traditional dental insurance plans have a lot of areas in dentistry that are excluded from the policy while, in contrast, discount dental plans would even shoulder as much as 25% of these same procedures.

Read on and you will be delighted to know that your visit to the dentist will no longer limited to those difficult times when you are tortured by a toothache because you cannot afford the expensive dental insurance. You would also delighted to know that you and even the entire family could now have decent dental care, regular check-up (you can even give in to your daughters pleadings for braces) without worrying so much about costs.


Unlike traditional dental insurance policies, you do not have to worry about age limitations. Payment scheme for discount dental plan either for you alone or for the entire family is surprisingly low on an annual basis so you need not worry about premiums to maintain. You need not fill-up voluminous detailed forms, no co-payers, and no deductions to further drain your monthly earnings.


Unlike traditional dental insurance plans that do not pay pre-exiting dental conditions, within three days upon payment, you could immediately use discount dental plans with your toothache. You see, if you have pre-existing dental problems like cavities or pyorrhea prior to enrolling in traditional dental insurance plans, these will not be covered. A lot are disheartened by this clause in any traditional dental insurance policy that seems to demand that you must have perfect teeth to ensure that all these would be covered. Anything, any problem you had with your teeth before you bought your policy will not be paid for by your insurance.

This also accounts for the success of discount dental plans. After all, you (or any middle-income family) would hesitate to part with scarce dollars for a need that you would encounter far in between. You believe you need to insure your car or your home or your life. But your teeth The priority would be spending for immediate need, and when you are rolling on the floor with a toothache, thats the time you wont mind spending whatever it takes. The problem is, buying dental insurance at this stage will not helpdiscount dental plan would.

A lot of people saw this difference and actually have made a killing selling discount dental plans, further establishing it as the most practical, most affordable option in taking care of your, and your familys, dental concerns. The internet is a good proof as numerous websites have sprouted over the years to promote the undeniable benefits of discount dental plans. Even dentists are benefiting from this as it helps them establish themselves as participating dentists become the optional destinations of discount dental plan members.

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