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Top methods to treat painful tooth aches

Tooth ache can be painful and downright unpleasant. It can take away your nights sleep, increase stress levels in your body and make you more irritable. If you are suffering from a painful tooth ache, you can now stop worrying. There are a number of different ways you can effectively treat this condition.

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Natural remedies and folklore

There are many natural remedies which people have been using for ages to treat painful tooth aches. Garlic is known to be a powerful antiseptic that can cure any tooth infection. Although the smell might be a bit overpowering, the results are well worth it. You can have a garlic clove twice a day and should see results within a week or so. Raw onion is also known to relieve the pain from tooth ache. You could also drink the juice of wheatgrass to alleviate the pain to a certain extent. Drinking lemon juice on a regular basis helps in promoting stronger teeth. Herbs are also available in tincture form which can be applied over the affected area. Take about a teaspoon and keep inside the mouth. You will need to roll it over the paining area for as long as possible. Then spit the mixture out. However, one word of caution to be followed these are never substitutes for a regular dental check up and treatment. If the condition of tooth ache is serious it definitely necessitates a trip to the dentist for appropriate treatment.

Removing the root cause

The best treatment for any tooth ache is to deal with the root of the infection. Therefore, removing it is the best alternative. A professional dental treatment is necessary in order to permanently remove all traces of the infection. Otherwise the infection will surely return. Your dentist will firstly remove all dead teeth located inside the mouth along with all dead and rotten tissue that is surrounding it. Even existing cavities and caries located in the teeth will necessitate filling and closure. However, before your dentist proceeds with removing the infection, he or she will prescribe antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria and traces of infection. Only then will the tissue and dead teeth be removed surgically.

Abscess formation: a big threat

Many times you might find that a small swelling on your gum or tooth is gradually spreading to the other portions on your face. In such cases, the condition is extremely severe and can even prove to be fatal. Never self medicate and always seek advise and consultation from your dentist in such cases. A professional treatment is necessary in such situations.

First defenses

If you need immediate relief from the tooth ache then an astringent mouth wash can come in handy. However, this is just a temporary solution and can never overcome the problem on a permanent basis. The reason astringent mouth washes work well in reducing the inflammation is because they are powerful antiseptics and can alleviate some of the bacteria causing the infection. This in turn will reduce the swelling and pain to a certain extent. You can even use the astringent mouth wash in conjunction with a regular antibiotic prescribed by your dentist. If you do this as a preventive measure it can help curbing tooth aches and preventing their spread. However, make sure that you never swallow an astringent mouth wash as it can upset your stomach. It is because the powerful astringent is too strong for the delicate lining of your stomach.

Willow tincture

This is another common method to treat tooth aches. This is basically an astringent which helps in alleviating the swelling to a certain extent. You need to use this in conjunction with topical analgesics to further combat the infection. You could even have an anti-bacterial topical ointment meant for the mouth to curb the infection. However, most dentists advise against the use of random herbs and tinctures to combat such tooth infections. These can lead to bone damage inside the teeth when used on a prolonged basis. Hence, it is ultimately best to visit your dentist for a professional and proven course of treatment. This will ensure a permanent solution and remedy to the painful problem of tooth aches. The tooth ache will never return again once you visit a professional dentist.

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